Sex with girlfriend on subway

Post: 27/11/2023

I don’t know when I started to like having sex outdoors. Maybe it’s because my girlfriend and I have had sex too frequently in the three years since we lived together, so I feel that the simple way of having sex is no longer satisfactory. Although having sex outdoors, I have to worry about being discovered by others at any time. But that kind of excitement prompted my girlfriend and I to try it again and again, and we couldn’t stop!

Once we agreed to meet in a coffee shop after get off work as usual. The atmosphere was very quiet. Only guests at another table not far away were chatting in low voices. Other than that, it was me and my girlfriend.

Before I was about to pay the bill and leave, my girlfriend gave me a coquettish smile and hooked her feet under the table towards me:

"What? You want it again?" I said. But my girlfriend just laughed and didn't answer.

"Isn't it good? There are others here..." I said in a low voice.

"That's it, they won't find out." My girlfriend sat down next to me, put her coat on my waist, put her hands in and touched the zipper of my pants, gently pulled it down, and gently pulled it out. My penis, then smiled at me.

"You are so naughty. What will happen if I make a fool of myself later?" I pretended to be stern, but she showed an innocent and naughty expression indifferently.

She is so cute. Although she is not tall, only 162, her doll-like face and innocent and lively personality make it difficult for people to reject her. The most important thing is that she has a pair of D-CUP under her child-like appearance. She has a beautiful figure and a lustful heart. To me, she is simply a combination of an angel and a devil. You can't stand it, but you are deeply attracted to her and can't live without her.

She was very familiar with my reaction. Although her movements were very gentle, waves of heat surged through my lower body, and my cock quickly became hard and erect. If it weren't for the many clothes inside, I really wanted to have sex with her right then and there!

"It's not fair to me!" I protested, but kept my voice low in order not to attract attention. I gestured to her that she must perform oral sex on me.

"NO! NO!" She refused again with a naughty smile and pointed in the direction of another table of guests to show that she was worried about being discovered.

I thought for a while: "There is a good way, you can pretend to lie on me and fall asleep!"

As I said that, I pulled her and asked her to lie down. She half pushed and half bent over me, using her long hair to cover her, and put my glans between her fragrant lips.

"This won't work, I want to see your expression! No one can see you now, so don't worry!"

I pushed her long hair aside, and her beautiful baby face was holding my thick penis in her mouth. Sometimes I stretched out my tongue to lick it, and sometimes I sucked the whole thing in. Naturally, I felt so happy that I don’t know how to describe it, and the red blood in my penis was surging. But I had to pretend to be calm, because at this time, although the guests at the other table were not paying much attention to this direction, and they could not see my girlfriend who was covered by the table because she was lying down, they could see my expression at any time.

My girlfriend continued to play with my penis, and from time to time she licked the eye area and the underside of the penis with the tip of her tongue, which made me so sore and numb that I almost couldn't help but ejaculate several times. We just hid in a corner and secretly fucked each other. A secret exciting game, and enjoy this dangerous high pleasure.

After a while, a waitress suddenly came over. I quickly signaled my girlfriend to stop and covered her face with her long hair to avoid being discovered by the waitress. My penis was still red and hot and ready to squirt. My girlfriend just swallowed the entire penis, but her tongue was still teasing the penis in her mouth. She had never used this trick before. I couldn't resist it. I suppressed my expression and tried to hide the lewd behavior between my girlfriend and me. At this time, the waitress had already walked to the table...

"Hello sir, I'll add some water for you."

Waves of numbness came from my lower body. At this time, I only noticed that the waitress seemed to be a high school student. Although she was wearing a white uniform, her chest was quite large, and her cleavage was vaguely exposed when she bent over to pour water. At this time, pretend to lie down

Of course my girlfriend who was sleeping on me knew that this strange waitress in front of me was not aware of the danger we were in.

The game, the indescribable excitement made her tease my penis even more vigorously with her tongue, and brought me to the edge of ejaculation.

"No, I'm cumming!"

I felt that something was wrong. If I ejaculated in front of a strange waitress, I would still pretend to be nonchalant. A little bit of white semen, my hair a little messy, and my big innocent eyes. Come on, it's really naughty to the extreme.

"So you deliberately wanted to see if I would be embarrassed in front of others! You are embarrassing yourself!" I said to her angrily and funny.

"Haha! Come on! Who is afraid of whom?" She looked like she was naughty and sure that I would not be cruel to her. It seemed that I must find a way to punish her.

I knew that she was blocked by the table and no one could see her at all, so I slowly lifted up her skirt, touched her thigh, and moved slowly between her legs. My girlfriend closed her eyes and seemed to be enjoying herself. I rubbed her protruding vagina through her underwear, and gently inserted my fingers through her underwear. She opened her legs without shame, as if she wanted me to go deeper, so I gently pulled her underwear to the side. , the middle finger really penetrated her vagina.

A blush appeared on her face, she breathed out the fragrance gently, and her pussy was wet and sticky. I began to slowly insert my fingers into her lower body, and she began to tremble slightly and make a slight hum. I knew her most sensitive spot very well and started to touch her clitoris. Her breathing became heavier and she grabbed my arm, but there was another table of guests not far away. She could only hold back the bursts of pleasure and hold on tightly. My hands trembled as I climaxed. I simply took off her underwear, and her lower body was completely naked with her skirt lifted high by me. I deliberately stopped there and looked at the slut in front of me with my eyes.

"Give me your pants back..." she whispered shyly.

"No! You almost made me make a fool of myself just now, and now I'm going to punish you!" I confiscated her underwear, packed up my things, and immediately picked up the bill and walked to the counter. Upon seeing this, my girlfriend knew that I was going to pay the bill, so she had no choice but to pull up her skirt and follow me out in embarrassment.

"It looks like you are naked!" she said shyly.

I smiled and hugged her gently. There were many pedestrians on the street, but no one knew that the cute girl next to me was not wearing underwear, and only relied on a short skirt to cover her lower body.

"Is this exciting?" I asked her.

"It's cool, a little comfortable, and a little strange." There was another blush on her face.

I knew that the more people around me at this time, the more exciting it would be for her, so I decided to take her to the MRT station.

"Let's take a bus to Tamsui to see the night view." I said and squeezed onto the MRT with her.

For some reason this day, the bus was packed with people, and there was almost no room for my girlfriend and I. She and I reluctantly squeezed into a seat. My girlfriend stood in front of me, her round buttocks just pressed against mine. The lower part, maybe because of the shaking of the car, or because my girlfriend was being naughty, her buttocks kept lightly bumping against my manhood. At first, I didn’t take it seriously. There were many people in the car, so it was hard for me to make any too intimate moves with her. I secretly reached out and pinched her butt lightly. She turned around and glared at me. At the same time, she slowly rubbed my lower body with her buttocks. My manhood quickly responded.

"Let's play a game!" I whispered in her ear. She looked back with suspicion, wondering what I was going to do?

In the crowded crowd, I started to stretch out my hand to pull up her short skirt. My girlfriend was shocked and realized that something was not right, because she only had a skirt on her lower body. Now her bare butt was exposed to others, but in the crowd like sardines, she would not see it at all. Someone noticed us, even the people sitting in front of my girlfriend didn't notice anything strange, because I only pulled up her skirt behind her, and it was completely invisible from the front, but she almost made a fool of me at dawn just now, Now of course I want to take revenge on her, how can I stop just now!

I grabbed her buttocks greedily, and the round female body was now ready for me to knead to my heart's content. My thick palms kept sliding back and forth under her skirt, and kept getting closer between the two buttocks. My girlfriend became even more nervous. She looked back at me, but my fingers had already slipped between her buttocks, traveling between her asshole and the two petals. She kept trying to signal me to stop, but her nervous and helpless eyes made me even more excited. Her Her lower body was already wet, so I inserted it into her secret hole, and slowly started to move two fingers in and out.

My girlfriend couldn't stop me, so I had no choice but to give up the struggle. She tilted her head back and leaned on my shoulder. Her charming eyes asked me to stop or to try harder. Of course I wouldn't stop, I penetrated her pussy faster and faster, my two fingers were covered with her semen, and just before she was about to leak, I suddenly stopped!

She seemed to be twisting her lower body in pain, and the muscles of her buttocks clamped my hand tightly. I still pulled my finger out hard, and the wet and sticky female semen dripped to the floor.

"Yes... um... yes..." She no longer cared that we were in a crowded subway car, surrounded by strangers, and whispered in my ear, just as the car stopped. When I was standing, she used her backhand to pull my zipper down!

I didn't expect her to be so bold, it couldn't be...

No matter, no one would notice us in such a crowded carriage, so I simply took out my penis and inserted it into her ass! My girlfriend's body trembled slightly, and she could only hold the ring with both hands... Several men around her seemed to feel something strange about her, but because it was so crowded, no one knew that I was fucking her!

As the car rocked, I fucked her step by step... Nothing could compare to this exciting feeling. I slowly looked around, and continued to insert my lower body. Everyone in the car stood or stood. Some were sitting there, some bowing their heads in deep thought, while others were chatting with the people around them, unaware that something debauched was going on right in front of their eyes...

I am not in a hurry to ejaculate, because this experience is really wonderful and refreshing. I plan to fuck her slowly until the car arrives...

That day, when we stepped out of the MRT station, my girlfriend could hardly stand. It was said that she had ejaculated ten times!

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