Beautiful women make me exhausted (1/2)

Post: 27/07/2023

As a woman, it may be considered indecent to indulge oneself too much, but why doesn't a man want his woman to be as indulgent as possible? The posture of the wife lying on the bed is indeed a bit indecent. One leg is bent almost to the chest, and the other leg is stretched to the back. The relaxed big butt is still standing. Because the legs are spread apart, the naked pussy The upside-down triangle reveals everything without any cover. The twisted and deformed vulva is clearly concave and convex. The meat groove between the thick labia majora and the soft hanging labia minora is deep, and even the vaginal opening can be seen clearly. , not only is it indecent, the temptation can make any man's heart boil, even though she doesn't move.

Seeing her reminds me of Scarlett who lives next door. We get along well as a good neighbor. Although she is older than me, we always call her by her first name. secret.

There are also differences among women. Scarlett's pussy is fatter than my wife's.

My wife was about to make lunch when the door opened and Scarlett came in from next door.

"Hey, sisters, where's yours?" She asked carelessly.

I lived in the same courtyard for a long time, and hit it off very well, so I followed the saying: Distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors.

"I just lay down for a while, and I don't know if I fell asleep. What are you doing?" My wife smiled and told the truth, and I could hear me lying on the bed in the back room.

"Hey! Forget it, my fucking computer is dead again."

"Hey, didn't he tell you to install a firewall last time? Why..."

"Don't blame me, blame him! You still don't know about our guy, he can't care about anything when he is on the fucking Internet, and he has been urged several times. He always pushes tomorrow today and pushes tomorrow. Afterwards, he doesn’t care if the computer crashes, you didn’t hear that I scolded him last night for not spitting out, no, I’m going to Qinhuangdao early in the morning, I’m crazy, you bastard!”

She chattered on and on, and of course my wife didn't know she was telling a story, so she believed it was true and continued to comfort me, but I knew in my heart that she couldn't hold back anymore.

To say that Scarlett is not beautiful, just an ordinary person. But she is tall, 1.7 meters tall, (I am only 1.76 meters) very plump, with big breasts and hips, she looks like a housewife, and she is much bigger than me. This is what I am obsessed with her . In particular, she has a strong sexual desire, her pubic hair is black and dense like a forest, and her white flesh is shaking non-stop when she moves, which greatly increases my lust. But her personality is surprisingly gentle, submissive, almost satisfying my sexual desire with a kind of maternal love.

If it weren't for her man's thing being hard to handle, (it's only about three inches long, she's just living alone in an empty room, and her sexual demands can't be met, so she's so lonely and unbearable,) she wouldn't do this kind of thing. She begged me repeatedly to keep our relationship a secret, and I had to say yes.

Because of this, I have always been responsive to her requests.

"Come on, come to our house to eat, I've prepared everything, and I promise to satisfy your hunger." She doesn't care about each meal for the sake of satisfying her appetite, and what makes me satisfied is: her cooking skills are also very good .

My wife who was in mid-duty went out, and I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Look at your pretty face, forget your last name and everything." Scarlett looked out while laughing and cursing, and only locked the door from the inside when she was sure that my wife was gone.

The curtain is a barrier, the inside can see the outside, but the outside can't see the inside, and her popularity is not very good, not to mention that her house is located in the northwest corner of the yard, so few people visit here.

"But I'm so hot..." She said to herself, reached out and lifted the vest and took it off.

Everyone has two faces, one is for people to see, and the other is the real self. After experiencing her, I seem to understand that only the real is the cutest, because the real has no false elements.

A pair of snow-white legs rested on my shoulders, and the sound of panting resounded through the bedroom. The buttocks pumped and contracted at high frequency, and the hard cock was thrust into her vagina quickly. The "cracking" sound of the meat and the inside is as dense as raindrops, and the "squeaking" sound of the lewd water hits the eardrums, making people crazy. The buttocks were lifted off the bed, the fat in the lower abdomen rolled and rolled due to being pushed and squeezed, the breasts moved back and forth, sweat flowed down the cleavage, and the whole body seemed to be soaked in water.

I inserted one cucumber into my vagina first, and slowly swirled the other cucumber into my anus. While swirling, wipe the lewd water from the vagina on the cucumber. Little by little, the cucumber as thick as a child's arm was pushed into the anus. The muscles around the butthole turned purple due to being squeezed. It's amazing that it can be expanded so much.

He took a dark brown nipple in one mouthful, bit it with his teeth, licked his tongue in a rotating manner, grasped the breast with both hands, pinched it up and down, left and right, and rubbed it. The areola of the big breasts occupies almost one-third of the area, and the cleavage changes from deep to shallow under the movement of my hands. Pulling away the tightly clamped thighs, the private parts are completely exposed in front of me. I used my thumb and middle finger to spread her fat, plump, purple-red labia majora, exposing a circle of wrinkled labia minora inside. The labia minora are dark brown in color, and there is a thin layer of wetness on the moist ground, and the vaginal opening is tightly closed due to tension. I rubbed her thick and curly pubic hair with my face, and slowly licked the tender flesh of her labia with my tongue, sliding it up and down, and then, with the tip of my tongue, I gently opened the foreskin of the clitoris and made circles on the clitoris. I could clearly feel my body trembling as if it had been electrified.

Two full and firm breasts appeared in front of her eyes, and her areolas were no longer as red and tender as before, but had become a little dark brown. People say that the darker the areola is, the more lewd the woman is. Without the restraint of the bra, the two big tits not only did not deform, but appeared more upright, rising and falling violently with her tense breathing.

The two labia majora are a little darker than the skin on the inside of the thigh, and there are some black hairs growing on both sides of the labia majora, and the more they extend to the meat seam, the less pubic hair there is. Whether it is man-made or natural, I don't have time to think about it.

Her tongue kept licking her breasts, and she kept biting her nipples with her teeth. The two nipples could not stand the stimulation and they were already hard and firm. She was really sensitive to the conditioned reflex. I saw her body leaning forward slightly, shaking from time to time Breast mouth busy. He closed his lips tightly, but let out a deep breathing sound from his nasal cavity.

Are you trying your best to express yourself or can't help it...?

His fingers were inserted into the pussy, and he kept digging at the vaginal wall. Immediately, she writhed uneasily, it felt as if the fingers were not inserted but thousands of ants were crawling in, after a while she couldn't help but straighten her waist so that the fingers could go deeper. There was a sudden dizziness, and the whole person fell into a semi-comatose state in an instant.

There was a burst of pain in her lower body, she instinctively kicked her legs, twisted her slender waist and buttocks, half of her blood-filled cock had been inserted, she suddenly shrank her cock back, and then stepped forward violently With a straight push, the whole cock has responded to the sound, and it was inserted by this force, ah! After a beep, there was no more struggle.

Under my violent pumping, she quickly reached an orgasm, her body trembled suddenly, and then she softened. I didn't give up, and continued to sprint. I picked her up and let her be on top, no longer the shy expression just now, just like the nectar after a long drought, holding my dick, sat down on my ass, rubbed my tits with one hand, and flew up and down . Whenever she goes down, I straighten my waist and stab, two white fleshy balls jump up and down, it's really enjoyable!

Her vagina was always wet and she said she would ooze when I touched her and a hug would make her wet. After she swallowed my cock, she started bouncing up and down, and I put my hand on her waist, which was really helpful.

Suddenly her vagina contracted, and my penis head felt warm. She hugged me tightly and clamped my dick tightly. I also felt numb and dizzy. The cock pushed hard up her fat ass and the cum spurted out.

I touched her wet pussy: "Are you a sexual woman?"

She nodded: "So I didn't know. My husband found out after having a child. He said he couldn't deal with me at all."

I said, "Where did you learn how to do it in bed?"

She reached out and grabbed my dick: "I don't know, it seems to come naturally."

I squeezed her breasts: "You're a natural bed beauty."

She looked at me: "Why do you keep saying the same thing as my husband."

I said, "You have to come here often, I can't live without you!"

She kissed me: "Okay, let's do it like this, and it won't affect each other's family."

I hugged her tightly to express my agreement, and then touched her fat buttocks: "Your buttocks are so beautiful, big and round, and so white, let me kiss them." As I said, I crawled over and touched her fat buttocks. Kiss Dabai's buttocks fiercely.

"Is my ass too fat?" she asked as I kissed her.

"No, exactly, your ass is so attractive, I have long wanted to see what it looks like, and hug it like this."

She touched my head: "It's all my husband's fault. He keeps forcing me to take birth control pills. It's convenient for him to do it, but he eats my ass bigger and bigger, and the flesh on my body is getting more and more."

It turned out to be like this, no wonder she was not afraid of me cum inside, I felt like all this was prepared for me.

I inserted a middle finger into the vagina, digging, digging, holding, flicking and stroking inside. The body shook violently and made a sound like a beast.

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