Beautiful women make me exhausted (2/2)

Post: 27/07/2023

Lie down on her back and let her body sleep completely on top of mine. I held my cock with one hand, opened my ass hole with the other, and slid my cock inside. I put my feet on the bed rails, hugged the two fat buttocks with both hands and pressed down hard, the swollen glans pushed forward hard in the anus, and the dick filled the rectum to the full. The muscles of the butthole tightly clamped the penis like pliers, and the tender meat of the intestines wrapped the cock tightly. A gust of hot air penetrated through the horse's eye and spread throughout the body like an electric current. It was very comfortable and enjoyable!

"It's so comfortable. My brother's big dick is too hard and thick. I fucked my big sister's pussy so hot. My big sister is so comfortable. Xiao Ming, fuck my big sister's pussy harder, fuck hard, and fuck my dick to the bottom The deepest part of Big Sister's hole..."

Yuping has visited too many times, and she came again today when his wife was not at home.

Don't guess it's the same old whining again, sure enough...

"I can see through all the men in the world. Hmph, there is no such thing as a fucking good thing." Yuping complained angrily. She really had a lot of emotions. I smiled and asked her: "Hey, including me ?”

"Hmph, who do you think you are? The same! Which one of you men don't use people to face forward and don't need people to face back?"

There was something in this remark and it was sharp enough that I didn't know how to answer it for a moment.

"I didn't wrong you, hehe..." She laughed out of anger.

"I don't seem to have offended you, of course I was wronged."

"I'm sorry, my good brother. My sister is not for you. You treat me like a mirror in my heart. Don't worry too much. I know you like me. Don't you deny it?"

I smiled and nodded.

"Hey, she's not at home, can we sister and son have a good time?"

"Fuck you, I'm not..."

Opening the short skirt, I saw a pair of milky white, small and small cotton thong panties, which were tightly trapped in the gap between the two white fat buttocks. My sister's whole body was smooth, fat, round and protruding The buttocks are all naked in front of my eyes!

I slid my hands into the inner thighs, stroked and rubbed her, and suddenly her whole body stiffened as if she had been shocked by an electric shock, but she didn't express any objection, she still pretended to enjoy it, but her cheeks couldn't help but flushed.

"Hey, my sister, are you still embarrassed?" I asked with a smile and spread her legs apart. The panties barely covered her sister's pussy, but the mons between the thighs under the lower abdomen clearly protruded, and the outline of the swollen labia majora tightly wrapped by the panties, as well as the cracks between the labia, were clearly discernible.

"There's no one like you..." She complained slightly with her lips parted, but she was very cooperative and let me spread my thighs, lean back my upper body, bit my lips tightly, and moaned intermittently.

If you don't blame me, that is to allow my behavior! So I boldly stroked back and forth on my thighs, lower abdomen avoiding my pussy, and the skin all over my body. Occasionally, the fingers rose from the belly intentionally, touching her plump breasts intentionally or unintentionally.

Gradually, my fingers began to gently caress the slope below the rounded breast... Then I found the gap on the side of the bra, my fingers dived into the cup, and started to grope. The breasts are hot, tender and elastic, and the nipples stand upright, making gasps involuntarily! But he clenched his teeth as hard as he could to prevent the sound from leaking through the gaps between his teeth.

I rolled up the short skirt, and the panties had been twisted into a narrow triangular belt. The triangular belt was deeply trapped in the crack in the middle of the vulva, and the protruding mons was exposed. Thin fluff, two swollen, fat, white and hairless labia majora are exposed on both sides of the triangle belt.

My thighs were opened more and more by me, almost more than 180 degrees!

The two labia majora were opened to the left and right, and the briefs, no, the "triangular belt", were also stretched to the wrong position, and the vulva was completely exposed. In the gap between the labia majora separated by congestion, You can clearly see the alluring cockscomb floret clitoris

I completely lost my mind seeing such a sexy and exciting scene. I really wanted to quickly tore off my panties, took out my penis, and thrust my 20-centimeter-long penis straight into the depths of her vagina.

Can it work? But he hesitated in his heart. At this moment, she finally opened her eyes and looked at me with a flushed face. I finally met her eyes, and only heard her say: "Listen, you are not allowed to pull it out after it is inserted, ah..."

Everyone can accept this condition!

I couldn't bear it anymore, I threw my hands along my slippery thighs and grabbed the panties to touch my pussy, she tightly held my hands to protect the restricted area, struggled with a giggling smile, and said pantingly: "You Why are you in a hurry, wait until I take off my pants, okay?"

"Let me wait until the cucumbers are cold, I just want to fuck your cunt, fuck your big fat cunt." There is no need to be polite with her, and when the waves come up, her mouth is soaked Words are fancier than mine.

Pulling off her underpants three times and twice, she lay on the bed and her thighs were almost split into a line. It was very easy to insert my middle finger and index finger into her tender hole. During the stirring, I could clearly feel the tender flesh on the inner wall of the vagina. Contraction, wriggling, the vaginal opening tightly clamped my middle finger, I used my middle finger to quickly thrust in her tender hole, the fingertips hit the clitoris deep in her uterus, the stamens opened, and a burst of The lewd fluid kept flowing out. The strong stimulation made my body lean against me limply as if paralyzed, panting continuously with my small mouth open.

A pair of snow-white plump big tits jumped out, and the red nipples were like two purple-red grapes inlaid on the big white steamed bun.

It was too late, but soon, I pointed the head of the dick at the opening of her warm vagina, hugged the big white buttocks tightly, and fucked her into the soft cunt. And it is definitely an authentic stick to the end!

Then the dick was pulled out a little, so that the glans only moved a few times inside and outside the vaginal opening. Her vagina was already full of water, and her pussy was warm and tender. The big long dick got into the pussy of this slut, I slowly thrust it a few times, she was so comfortable that she trembled all over, her pussy tightly clamped my dick, a very stimulating The pleasure from her pussy spread quickly all over my body.

"Hardly...I'll let you fuck enough. Ah, come on... Come on, fuck me like a little sister. Ah, little brother, my sister's pussy is very itchy, brother don't want me anymore, Feel free to fuck your pussy. Ahhhhh." She hugged me tightly, hanging her hips to meet my cock.

The penis was thrusting and thrusting, and she was fucked to death by me, "Oh, ah, ah, I'm going to die, good brother, you are my little husband, you are killing me..." This bitch Er'er was so comfortable that her white thighs stretched and stretched, her big white buttocks pushed up and down, her labia with her cock in her mouth opened and closed, and the hot water flowed down the big white buttocks all over the bed sheet.

She was trembling all over, biting her lips tightly, showing a beautiful expression of comfort. The vagina was pushed up and down by the big glans, deep and shallow, and the comfortable feeling of numbness and itching cannot be described in words.

She automatically raised her feet and hooked my waist, making my pussy more prominent and more fitting.

She was already wanting to die, her yin water was bubbling, her heart was trembling wildly, her lower body was swinging desperately, and she was very tall. Cooperating with my thrusting, her lower abdomen hit her crotch, making a rhythmic slap! Snapped! Voice.

The bursts of pleasure gradually deepened, the inner wall of the vagina contracted for a while, tightly clamping the glans, and at the same time, the crotch was pushed up desperately, so that the vagina completely swallowed my genitals, and the two round and slender thighs also tightly clamped my waist .

I suddenly felt the head of the penis heat up, a burst of comfort pierced through my heart, a burst of violent convulsions, and in an instant, I suddenly fell on her body, holding her shoulders tightly, my whole body trembled and shivered, my lower body was pressed tightly, A white, viscous fluid spurted from the cock and shot deep into her vagina.

It’s not enough to get rid of your anger once, and you have to have another shot!

Luckily my ejaculating cock isn't soft!

I pulled her hands around her chest and wrapped them around her waist. My hands went down her slender waist and rubbed her tender buttocks, slipping into her mysterious zone from time to time. At this time, she slowly fell into this comfortable pleasure. After a while, she held my head and sucked her breast and nipple, and her nipple became hard soon.

Her big tits are plump and round, her nipples are pointed and red, and her slender waist makes her tits look extra big, her buttocks are strong and straight, her legs are slender and even, and the thick pubic hair is so wild, my penis can't stand it...

Hun Yuan's butt was exposed. A pair of briefs, like a thin ribbon, stretched down from her thin waist and strangled her buttocks. But both sides of the white, plump buttocks were unobstructed and swayed back and forth as she walked.

She cooperatively put her tongue into my mouth and let me taste it. I stroked her back and snow-white jade neck while kissing. Gradually, her hands began to touch me, and mine began to touch To her plump ass, she closed her eyes and put her arms around my neck enjoying the pleasure of my touch, I think I will make you more comfortable later, I turned sideways, lowered my head and kissed through the clothes Her tits, two hands spread apart to attack her thighs and ass, I touched her beautiful snow-white breasts with one hand, and pressed her pussy with the other.

Her lewd water kept gushing out under my caressing. At this time, I couldn't help it anymore. I took out my penis, picked it up, opened her legs and dried it vigorously. The penis was completely stuffed in. A breath came out of her mouth: "Ah ... ah oh oh oh ..." She screamed painfully, holding her neck with both hands.

I stopped pumping and just kept my hard dick in her cunt. Not only is her hole extremely small and compact, but I feel that her hole is like a strong elastic band, tightly holding my big dick, sucking, sucking, making me feel like something is wrong, I feel pleasure The degree is getting higher and higher.

Her small hole seems to be getting narrower and narrower, and the twitches are getting stronger and tighter. When I thrust, I scratched the head of the glans one after another, feeling extremely numb, and the consciousness of pleasure is increasing, and she Well, I feel that I haven't pumped hard a few times, just like getting a high degree of pleasure, I have already let out a sleepy hum from my mouth.

The big dick is wrapped in the small meat hole, which slides up and down, which is more exciting, the desire is high, and the pleasure is doubled. The water in the hole keeps flowing down, and I have a pair of testicles, buttocks, everywhere, and then I look at her hard The situation and the happy appearance were mixed, and he stretched his feet anxiously, grabbed her buttocks and stood up.

God! What a pussy, what fun! Due to the spread of the legs and the receding of the buttocks, the tender meat on both sides was opened, like a small and small gourd. That small and charming meat hole is full of crystal clear liquid, which makes it impossible to believe that it can hold a big meat stick of more than eight inches.

She sucked her firm breasts and nipples again, and she let out a soft snort, writhing her beautiful body on the carpet, making me even more aroused. I slowly withdrew the middle finger I inserted into her vagina. Out of instinct, she seemed a little bit lost and stood up her pussy, hoping to swallow my middle finger again. I ignored it and used my fingertips to push her slippery petals away. When I touched her chicken-head-like granulation gently, she moved her wet pussy, opened her mouth excitedly and wanted to scream, and then quickly covered her mouth, panting, which made my lust soar .

I leaned down and stuck the swollen penis to the middle finger where I was rubbing the granulation of her clitoris, replaced the middle finger with the already hard big glans, rubbed it against her red and tender granulation with the horse eye of the glans, and suddenly grabbed I gritted my teeth and moaned. My whole body was shaking like a cramp. In an instant, thick milky white semen gushed out of my vagina, and she had her first orgasm.

While she was enjoying the aftertaste of orgasm with her eyes closed, I used my big penis to push her petals away, and pushed the whole thick penis into her wet and slippery vagina with the wet juice.

The big glans violently hit the heart deep in her womb, and she took off her stockings and panties by her ankles, and spread her long, white legs on her shoulders with both hands, so that she could clearly see the thick penis coming in and out of my lower body Her beautiful pussy brings out bursts of cum, which makes me extremely excited

The tender meat on the vaginal wall seems to have layers, surrounding my penis layer by layer. Whenever my penis is pulled out and re-entered, the tender meat on the vaginal wall will automatically shrink and squirm, and the uterine cavity is also tightly biting The neck groove of the crown of my penis seems to be sucking my penis. I didn't expect her to have such a beautiful pussy. It is the best in the pussy I have penetrated.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the pleasure of genital union, and I also closed my eyes to feel the pinching of her superb pussy, we just catered to each other silently. Not long after, the snow-white legs wrapped around my waist began to tighten, and my arms also hugged my neck and pressed my head down, letting my lips touch her soft lips, and opened my mouth to touch the tender tip of my tongue Stretched into my mouth, let me suck her saliva, and then sucked the tip of my tongue into her mouth, twisted and played with her tongue, the pussy of the lower body began to rotate and move, and at the same time tightened the vagina to suck my penis , so beautiful that all the bones in my body are crisp.

"It's so big!... It makes me so comfortable... Hurry up, poke me hard... hard..." She opened her mouth and bit my lip, greedily sucking the tip of my tongue, which made me tremble excitedly The dildo caters to the top of her pussy, and fucks her beautiful pussy with all her strength, her vagina suddenly starts to contract rapidly to suck my dick, and the deep uterine cavity also tightens the bitten head of the penis the ribs.

The genitals of the two have been completely integrated, and her climax came again during the vigorous rotation of her pussy

Her vagina is like a big straw, sucking my whole penis tightly. There is no gap between me and her genitals. It is so comfortable that all the 36,000 pores in my body are fully opened. In the constant itching of the glans, I pushed it hard, and the horse eye of the glans was already pressed against the center of the penis, and the horse eye was tightly sucked together with the small opening on her penis, my hot milky white semen spurted out, all Infused with her heart.

With her slender hands, she opened her fat and tender pussy and said, "Do you still have the strength to do it again?"

She didn't have enough and wanted to continue, my God! !

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