Boss lady's love

Post: 31/08/2023

My job is a delivery person, because the factory opens the door in the morning to process, so I have to deliver the materials required by the manufacturer at night.

The boss is often away from home because he often goes abroad to deal with the business of raw materials. The boss wants me to go to his house at 8 o'clock every night to get the delivery slip from the boss.

Every time I see it, I want to rape the proprietress, but if I really do this, I may be arrested and locked up, so I can’t even watch porn, so I have to rape her with my eyes every time I see the proprietress.

I can get off work as long as I finish delivering the goods, so I go to pick up the order and deliver the goods every day. After about four hours, I can finish the delivery and go home to play games, and my work is also easy.

One night when I went to pick up the order, the proprietress asked me if I was familiar with the computer, because his daughter bought a printer and couldn't install it, so she asked me if I could help, I thought it was an easy thing, so I helped her After my daughter installed, tested and printed, I helped him tidy up his computer to make it faster. (I believe this is not a difficult task for all the judges). After everything is OK, I will leave with the delivery list When ordering goods, the proprietress suddenly asked me if I was free at noon tomorrow. She also wanted to learn how to use the Internet, but her daughter was not free, so she hoped I could teach her. If you want to think about it, please say please, come and I will treat you to lunch, okay? At the boss’s house, I rang the doorbell, and the lady boss came out to open the doors. At this time, the lady boss was still in her pajamas, so she asked me if I wanted to eat first. I wanted to teach me a lesson and go home to play games, so I told the lady boss that I would teach first. , I need the proprietress to sit in front of the computer desk and learn to turn it on first, and then explain the various functions on the desktop to the proprietress. At this time, the proprietress is sitting, and I stand and explain from top to bottom. Seeing the crisp breasts in the underwear, the proprietress focused on the screen.

I also peeked carefully, and I could vaguely see a little bit of brown areola, and then the proprietress turned her head and asked me how to surf the Internet. "What's the matter?" the proprietress said, "Where are you looking?"

I said "look at the screen"

The proprietress said, "Come on, don't think I don't know. You are peeking at my thick breasts." I said, "How can that be?" It's really bulging, and the lady boss said, "What. Do my breasts excite you." I said, "Yeah. Your breasts are really beautiful." The lady boss said, "Come on, let me see, let me help you"

Then I reached out to take off my pants. I was so scared that I took a step back suddenly. The lady boss stretched out her hand and pulled me over, saying, "What are you doing? I'll see what I'm afraid of." Opening my belt, the lady boss took off my pants and panties, and my cock cocked up.

The proprietress looked at my dick, as if she was admiring something, and said, "I can't see your dick is quite big, it must be very uncomfortable for you to be so swollen", and then started to rub it, licking my dick with her tongue The head of the penis was sucked up, I was rubbed very comfortably, I was not to be outdone when I saw the boss lady was so horny, I also rubbed the boss lady’s breasts with my two hands, the boss lady’s breasts are about 32B, and then I put my hands into the pajamas , pinched the nipple directly, the proprietress moaned and raised her head, stuck out her tongue and said "kiss me", I rubbed my nipples and licked the proprietress' tongue, the two pieces of tongue intertwined, the proprietress kept saying "oh... oh... um... Hmm." Then I squatted in front of the lady boss and lifted up the lady's pajamas. I didn't expect the lady boss to wear underwear, so I separated the lady boss's thighs. The color of the lady boss's labia was light brown, and the love juice had flowed from the thighs to the chair. When it was done, I asked the proprietress, "Why do you have so much water?" The proprietress said, "Because I haven't been touched by a man for a long time." I touched the hole of the proprietress with my fingers, stroking it up and down, and the proprietress said, "Oh... so comfortable ... lick her... lick my pussy. lick my pussy" I leaned over and parted my pussy to lick my hole, the proprietress kept "Oh... oh... oh... so cool... lick a little bit on the top, lick my little peas." I followed the command of the proprietress and licked... the proprietress said "um... um... yes ...yes... that's right there." Then the proprietress said, "Okay, stop licking, I will cum if I lick, I don't care about her. I still keep licking." The finger was still inserted into the hole, and the proprietress kept "... oh... oh...'s's coming..." Then the love liquid sprayed from my hole all over my face, and then I sat on the chair and gasped, "Hello It’s bad, I’m so good at licking... I licked it until I climaxed.” I also said to the proprietress, “Madam, why do you have so much water, you’re so good at squirting.” The proprietress said, “Don’t call me the proprietress, call me Kelly.” Then Kelly said that I "carry me to bed with my little husband"

I picked up Kelly, the proprietress, and it weighed only 45.6 kilograms, so I hugged her and walked to the bed, and Kelly directly separated her thighs and her labia with her hands and said, "Hurry up, let me taste your cock." Kelly said, "No, I won't give it to you if you don't ask me." Kelly said, "Good man, please, please use your big cock to fuck Kelly's hole, okay?" I aimed at Kelly's hole, slowly Slowly inserted and said, "I only give you half." Kelly said, "I hate it, and I'm still hanging on you, give me all, give me all." I pushed down hard, and Kelly just... ah, said, "Okay Cool. I’m so beautiful, I’m so attractive, go on, fuck me hard.” I lifted Kelly’s leg up and fucked the acupoint hard, and Kelly kept moaning, “…ahhhhhhh's's so's going to come" Kelly then asked me to pull it out and lie on my back, and then he sat astride my cock, "Oh ...It's great..." Then he moved up and down and said, "It's so comfortable and cool, waist can't stop..." Kelly said, "Pinch my nipple..."

I rubbed Kelly's nipples up with my hand, Kelly kept shaking up and down, and then lay on top of me, the two kissed wildly, Kelly said, "You are so made me cum all the time" and I Say to Kelly "Can I fuck you from behind" and Kelly says "Okay come fuck me from behind"

So I turned around by myself, raised my butt high and swayed my butt from side to side and said, "Come in quickly..." I looked at Kelly's ass from behind. Separate the two pieces of butt. Look at Kelly's asshole. Touching Kelly's asshole.

Kelly said, "You can touch my asshole while fucking me. Hurry up and get in first." I held Kelly's waist. Push it into Kelly's hole.

Keep pushing... Kelly kept yelling, "I'm out of strength. I'm out of strength." Her body wanted to lie down on the bed all the time. But I was helping them up.

Kelly said, "It's so cool. Your pussy is going to be fucked up." Then I felt like I was about to cum, and I said, "I'm going to cum, where do you want me to cum." Kelly said, "Inside...inside... ...I want you to cum all over my pussy" Then I fucked harder and shot all the hot cum into Kelly's pussy, I was lying on Kelly's back panting, Kelly turned her head and kissed me and said "I'm out of're going to fuck me to death..." I told Kelly, "You don't like it." Kelly said, "Why, it's the first time I'm so comfortable"

When I pulled out the dick, the semen also flowed out of the hole, Kelly was going to pull me to take a shower, to help me well, but when I opened the door, I saw a woman sitting on the ground and masturbating, I turned to look at Kelly , Kelly was also scared and said "allice, when did you come?" Allice is a neighbor who lives upstairs, and allice said, "I rang the bell and no one opened the door, so I opened the door and came in. I didn't expect to hear the sound of the room, and thought it was you. Husband, I didn’t expect to be messing with Ah Guang. I didn’t want to see what I didn’t want to see. It’s because you yelled so loudly that it hurt me... I really want it now..." I leaned over and sucked my cock , Kelly said, "Ah Guang just ejaculated, you let him take a break." Allice said, "I hate it, just eat yourself, don't care about others, look, I'll help Alex regain his energy, look, he's hard again Yes, but I didn’t see it clearly from a distance, but now I see it’s quite big, about 16 cm long.” Kelly said, “The three of us go to the bathroom to take a shower first, and then we’re done. Alex’s semen has been coming out of my hole It's coming out." Allice touched Xiaofen's acupuncture point and said, "It's so thick, I really want to taste it." Kelly said, "Don't worry, I will make you full." I stood in the bathroom and let two mature women serve , Kelly was standing in front of me, but allice told Kelly that she wanted to wash me in front of me, and Kelly smiled at allice.

The two rubbed my body with their breasts one after the other, and Allice rubbed my cock. The three of us were covered in body soap, so I hugged Allice and kissed. Allice's breasts are smaller than Xiaofen's, but the areola is smaller than Fen Xiao, I kissed Allice, rubbed Allice's breasts, Allice also played with my cock, and then Kelly suddenly rushed to us with water and said "It's thick, it's time to flush." ​​I and Allice still kissed, Xiaofen just Said thick, "Let's separate and flush the water first." We separated and let Kelly flush the water. As a result, Xiaofen washed the foam off my body and asked Allice to use the shower head to help her flush. When Allice was flushing, Kelly suddenly Kneeling down and sucking my cock, Allice said "Follow.

I want to lick too

So the two competed for my cock to lick, one licked the cock and the other licked my balls, the cock was licked hard, and Allice lay on the side of the bathtub and raised her ass and said, "Hurry up... hurry up I" I looked at Kelly, and Kelly said, "You can give it to Alex, but I'll have more later."

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