My swimming coach

Post: 14/07/2023

When I was 22 years old, I was just a female factory worker in the countryside. Until I met the deputy factory manager of our factory. Under his enthusiastic pursuit, I finally agreed to marry the deputy factory manager who was 7 years older than me. After marriage, I became a housewife at home. After 5 years of marriage, there is still no child, and my husband is very considerate and says that there is no rush, and he still enjoys the loving life of a young couple.

But since my husband transferred back to the head office two years ago and moved to live in Taipei, our lives have also changed. In addition to socializing until midnight, we often travel on business. I am left alone in such a big house. Although I am a little lonely, I think of my love. My husband didn't pay for this family, and I don't worry about it.

Not long after the good times, my husband actually had an affair with his secretary. Although my husband didn’t want to admit it, I have confirmed from his colleagues that the most annoying thing is that his secretary is uglier than me, and his body is even worse than mine. All I can do is dress up. It made me depressed for a few days before slowly returning to normal life.

After my husband had an affair, I realized that I was usually too conservative and couldn’t dress myself up except for casual clothes, so I started to dress up and bought a lot of beautiful clothes, especially underwear, which I used to wear It is a plain conservative full-coverage style, but now it is almost replaced by a sexy tulle half-coverage, so that I can show my most proud and plump breasts, and some small thongs.

I don’t even hide my inner desires, and my clothes are becoming more and more open. Short skirts, dresses with thin shoulder straps, and tight-fitting low-neck T-shirts show off my talents bravely. Join a health and leisure club.

It was swimming class this morning. I came to the club as scheduled, changed into my swimsuit and went to the small indoor swimming pool. I looked around at my swimming coach. I paid extra for a female coach to do one-on-one training with me.

After looking around for a while, I didn't see the female coach, but instead came a strong, dark-skinned male coach, about 30 years old, wearing a red swim brief, and his upper body was in an inverted triangle shape. He is the head coach of the club. He walked towards me very politely with a sunny smile and said to me:

[I'm sorry, linda, your coach asked for leave temporarily, and let me teach you how to swim today. ]

Although I am not used to letting a male coach do one-on-one training, because there will always be some physical contact, but seeing his gentleness and politeness, coupled with his strong body, I nodded shyly and said yes in a low voice.

At the beginning, he took me to do warm-up exercises face to face. From time to time, I looked at the slight bulge under his abdomen. I didn't aim there intentionally, but it was a natural deviation.

The coach is also not very honest, staring at my cleavage under the V neck from time to time. Because in the private club, swimming lessons are scheduled in the morning, and there will be no male students at this time, so I wear a one-piece bare-back V-neck pink swimsuit, and take out the chest pad, because I bought this swimsuit at that time At that time, the lady at the counter said that my breasts are beautiful, and they don’t sag, so I don’t need swimsuit breast pads at all. The slightly thin swimsuit tightly covers my plump and erect breasts, which sets off a perfect breast shape. The V-neck even makes my breasts firm. Squeeze half out.

No wonder he wanted to take a few sneak peeks, no matter how honest a man is, he would want to see more, let alone such a close distance.

After 10 minutes of warm-up exercises, we went down to the swimming pool. The coach asked me to swim for a while to show him.

He first pulled me with both hands to make me relax, and slowly kicked the water with his feet. After a few minutes, he took me to the deeper part of the pool. He has a height of 180, and his head can still stick out of the water when he stands in the depths of the pool with both feet. And I was less than 160 cm, and I tried to stand on my feet but couldn't touch the bottom of the pool. I was anxious and hugged the coach's body tightly, and the coach also hugged me hard. At this time, my plump breasts were completely attached to his strong chest. The coach patted me on the back and whispered in my ear: [Sorry, I scared you! ] Slowly hold me to the shallower place before letting me down.

[linda, sorry to scare you, need a break? ]: The coach said softly

[It's okay, I can continue to practice, but I'm still a little afraid of water. ] I return

[Then I'll be careful and take my time] The coach went on to say

He started to ask me to do a jellyfish float first, and then straighten my hands and feet, while he was beside me, stretching out his hands from my upper abdomen to lift me up, and I followed his instructions, kicking my feet outward and sliding my hands Shui raised his head and inhaled, and followed the instructions to do the movements. He kicked, slid, lifted, step by step, and went back and forth a few times. I did it more and more smoothly, and my body was getting farther and farther away from his arms. It hits him hard when it sinks.

Sometimes I don’t know whether it’s intentional or not, he often touches the chest and lower abdomen, and a few times he touches the chest heavily and then slides to the stomach. It’s a very strange feeling, and when I lower my head, I can’t help but glance at the coach The raised part under the abdomen, the masculine symbol is more obvious.

Not long after, the rhythm of wind and water skiing was smooth, and I was tired and went ashore to rest on the deck chair. At this time, the coach kindly brought a cup of health tea, explaining that he specially invited me, no wonder I didn’t come a few times before.

He also suggested that I have a hot oil massage after swimming, so as to relieve the fatigue of the muscles and bones, so as to avoid the pain of the muscles and bones the next day. This kind of course is newly designed and has not yet been officially implemented. Please let him be the experimental subject first, so that he can write the course report .

It's good to think, otherwise every time I come home after swimming, I will be too tired.

After speaking, I went to the locker room to freshen up, and put on the disposable cuties and shorts prepared by the club, but the cuties they prepared were a bit smaller, and they couldn't wrap my plump breasts, and exposed 1/3 of my breasts , and then put on a yukata, generally it will not be too revealing.

When I walked to the massage room, the instructor was ready to wait for me inside. Because it was an experimental course, the instructor personally massaged me. There are about 10 massage beds in this massage room, and there are short screens between the beds. Coupled with warm-toned tulle and dim lights, accompanied by soft music, it makes people feel relaxed.

I chose to lie down on the inner corner bed, and began to pile up from head to neck, gently pressing my shoulders. After about 10 minutes, the coach said that we would start to make hot oil. Put on my bathrobe, I felt ashamed when he took off the bathrobe, as if a lover removes his clothes when he wants to make love, so gentle.

Although I hesitated for a while, I agreed after thinking about it, otherwise how can I have a hot oil massage without removing the bathrobe.

When the bathrobe on my body was taken away, I shyly hugged my breasts with both hands, and then lay back on the massage table. Most of my breasts were exposed in front of the strange man, which made my heart beat faster and my chest rose and fell with rapid breathing.

At this time, the coach asked me to turn over and push from the back first. He began to apply essential oils on both hands and gently pushed on my back. After a few points with his flexible fingers, my tension was gradually relieved and my muscles relaxed. Many, followed by bursts of inexplicable stimulation. This is the first time for men to push oil shiatsu, which is different from same-sex shiatsu, more like being caressed by a lover.

The lustful pussy also began to throb, especially when his hand pushed it close to the armpit, and when his fingers seemed to touch the side of my breast squeezed out by lying down, it was even more tingling and numb. I began to like it Such numbness, warm currents flowing down my lower body, and his constant praise of my figure and delicate skin in gentle tones, touched my lonely heart even more.

It didn't take long for his hands to move to the feet, pushing up from the ankles, and after lightly kneading the calves, he pushed his hands towards my thighs. He thought he would stay on the thighs for a while, but the thighs just lightly kneaded. skip. Let me a little disappointed but dare not ask.

At this time he asked me to turn around. After turning around, I was a little shy, with my hands clasped around my chest and my legs clamped tightly. He noticed my nervousness and said to me to relax softly, and gently pulled my hands to lay them flat. Start pressing on my shoulders.

When the coach pressed my shoulders and arms, I sneaked a glimpse of his eyes staying on my chest. The little cutie, who was originally a little small, has already shifted after just pushing the oil and acupressure, forcibly exposing 2/3 of the breasts. And cleavage, only the nipples are not exposed yet.

When he gradually pressed to the thigh, he continued to chat with me but stared at the breast. He pushed up and up and even stretched his hand into the baggy shorts, and retracted it when he was about to touch the briefs. After going back and forth many times, I felt It is very comfortable and my legs are naturally slightly opened, allowing his hand to move smoothly on the inner thigh. Several times his hand almost touched the bottom of my thigh, and he retreated after a light touch. It is not clear whether the coach is Deliberately or unintentionally, and my lewd water soaked the briefs, but fortunately his hands were covered with essential oils, otherwise he would definitely be able to detect my lustful lower body.

After the massage, I went to the bathroom for a simple rinse and changed back to the original dress. I went to the reception hall and greeted the coach for a while, then left the club and went home directly.

When I got home, I lay down on the bed and wanted to sleep. I closed my eyes and saw the burly figure of the coach in my mind, touching every inch of my body tenderly. At this time, my lower body became wet again. The outside of the soaked briefs was rubbed up and down, and the other hand also reached into the collar to grab the plump breasts. At this moment, he could only use his hands to soothe his lust.

As my hand kneaded my breasts harder and harder, the groaning became louder, from the original quick panting to uh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ∼I want a man's cock so much~, I quickly took off my clothes so that my hands could move around my body more easily, my legs were wide open and my right hand opened my labia, and I stretched out my middle finger to insert the inside and outside of the vagina and continue to pick, eh , um, um, um, um, oh ~ as the sound of Shen Yin became louder and louder, and the finger movements became bigger and bigger, um, um, um, calling my husband lasciviously, but thinking about the coach's strong muscles in my heart. It didn't take long for my tense body to feel a little tired, and I fell asleep in lust with my hands clasping my breasts and a pillow in my thighs.

I don't know how long I slept until I was woken up by a phone call. It was already past 4 pm. The call was made by my husband, saying that he had to accompany a client to dinner tonight, so he would come back later.

When I was about to get up and change clothes, the phone rang again. When I answered the phone, a strange male voice came from the receiver. It turned out to be a call from the coach of the club. He said that I forgot to bring back the swimsuit I was wearing today, and he would deliver it himself. Give me, and want to interview their club service effectiveness.

Just now I was fantasizing about masturbating with his figure, so naturally I quickly agreed. I got up and went to the bathroom to rinse off the filthy water just now. I chose a sexy white tulle transparent bra, and the lower body was also a small transparent tulle briefs. The sides were tied with elastic strings. The low-slung collar vest reveals some breasts and deep cleavage. Simply put some powder on the face and apply lip gloss, as if waiting for a lover.

Before 5 o'clock, the doorbell rang at home, and I went downstairs and opened the door to invite the coach to come in and sit on the sofa. I then went to the kitchen to pour a glass of iced juice and placed it on the coffee table. Slowly tidying up the books and newspapers on the coffee table, I pretended to say a few words: [It’s really messy, sorry you came to tidy up. 〕

He politely said it was okay, and then he started to talk about the course planning and experience in the club. He took out a questionnaire from his backpack and asked me to fill it out. I half-bent down on the coffee table and started filling it out. The content of the questionnaire, and the coach also watched me fill in each line closely, and peeked at my plump breasts under the neckline from time to time. I deliberately lowered my body to make it easier for him to peek. The more he looked at me, the more excited he became.

When I filled in a meaning I didn’t quite understand, I raised my head and wanted to ask him. For a while, my eyes met. I saw his fiery eyes gradually approaching. I closed my eyes lightly, and his lips kissed mine. He also responded enthusiastically and kept sucking and allowing him to stick the tip of his tongue into his mouth. At this time, their lips were tightly stuck together, unable to separate for a long time.

His hands first caressed the breasts through the clothes. Seeing that I didn't push them away, he stretched them in through the neckline, opened the bra, grabbed the breasts and pinched them softly. I began to pant quickly and groaned.

At this time, the coach continued to kiss me, kneading my breasts with one hand and stretching the other hand under the short skirt. First, he touched my extremely sensitive pussy through the briefs. After a while, seeing my kinky water soaking the briefs, he untied the penis Tie the rope, half of the wet briefs have fallen off, at this time he can touch directly with his hands. When he first touched the clitoris, he felt as if he had received a slight electric shock. When his body vibrated slightly, his throat made a clear um~hmm~hmm~oh~ Oh ~ sound.

The coach seems to be greatly encouraged. First, the dexterous hands rubbed back and forth slowly, and then moved faster and faster, even pulling apart the labia, and thrusting with his fingers. I also screamed lewdly with the speed of his fingers coming in and out. Oh~oh~ah~oh~

I couldn't help moving my hands on his body, and he lifted my vest to expose my plump breasts to his eyes. Although there was still a bra, the thin white gauze bra was worn or not. , no different, plump and firm, two fleshy balls dotted with cherry-like nipples, covered with a layer of tulle is even more sexy.

He quickly took off his clothes, leaving only a pair of panties that were pushed up high by his erect penis, bent down again, grabbed his breasts and sucked hard through the bra, like a child eating a lollipop, sucking again I licked it again and didn't want to give it up.

I was so licked by him that I groaned again and again, um~uh~uh~uuuuuuuuuuuuuu, my lower body kept twisting, and the warm lewd water flowed down.

He grabbed my hand and touched his lower abdomen. When I touched his hard penis, I was surprised and happy, but I still couldn't express too lewd. Wanted to fuck that hard cock hard, and even quickly penetrate my wet pussy.

Seeing that I was so timid, he seemed even more pleased. He quickly took off his panties and freed the hard penis from the bottom of his pants. He rubbed against my wet hole, pressing it against the inner thigh for a while, and against the clitoris for a while. My vagina was itchy like an ant crawling, I was itchy and numb and I begged you to come in, but I didn't dare to say it directly.

I had to twist my waist and hips, as if to avoid his penis, but in fact I wanted to cater to it.

After a few pushes like this, his lower body slowly left my lower body, but he was a little disappointed for a while.

In fact, it is not the case. Instead, the hard penis is directly inserted into my pussy, which is soaked with lewd water. I screamed at such a sudden movement, and started to thrust. This is exactly what I need, and I scream more. Ah~ah~oh~oh~oh~oh, louder and louder.

At this time, my legs wrapped around his waist, and my hands tightly grasped his back, and cooperated with his thrusting, pushing the lower abdomen down so that his penis could be inserted deeper into the small obscene hole. He also lived up to my expectations, every time he can hit the depths of the pussy hard, making me climax wave after wave, um~uh~ah~comfortable~oh~oh~oh~ so comfortable, you are so amazing~ Oh~, the boss's lewd cry came out of my mouth, which encouraged him to thrust hard and fast.

Just when I was exhausted, he pulled out the thick semen of his penis and shot it on my lower abdomen. Instead of getting up immediately, he hugged me tightly and continued to kiss me until his originally hard brother completely softened. Then he picked me up, my legs were tightly clamped around his waist, and he carried me into the bathroom like a child.

Let me sit on the edge of the bathtub with my back to him, he said let him serve me well again, adjust the warm water to rinse the body first, then slowly apply the body wash, stretch from the back to the hands in front of me, arms around I applied it gently and slowly in sequence. When he wiped his hands on his chest, he stopped and slowly pushed and rubbed along the shape of the breast. This feeling was very comfortable. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his caress, and my lower body gradually began to itch again. Now, I desperately need his other hand.

I took the initiative to draw his hand to my lower abdomen, while I held his leg with my hand and leaned back against him. I felt his cock harden on my back. I thought how could it be so fast? I just finished shooting, so I asked him with a shy tone: [Why are you being dishonest again]

The coach replied: [You are so attractive]

His reply made me even happier. I turned my body to face him. His penis was already slightly raised. I hugged his waist and pressed my face against my chest. I stuck out the tip of my tongue to lick his nipple. At this moment His cock is getting harder and harder and right on top of my breasts. I reach out and hold his cock and slowly flick it back and forth. Red thud.

I couldn't help taking him into my mouth, the tip of my tongue touched every part of the glans, my hand was still moving up and down, and the other hand gently stroked the two balls, the coach also made a masculine moan, watching him close his eyes Enjoying it, the more excited and comfortable he looked, the more comfortable I became, and the love juice in the lower body continued to flow downward.

After sucking for a while, my mouth started to be sour, but the small pussy hole in my lower body was empty in every possible way. I spit out his hard cock, got up and lay on the face lift, pouted my buttocks and said: [Give it to me, I want it. 〕

At this time, I no longer care about any image, the pussy that desperately needs to be satisfied makes me extremely lewd, it immediately thrusts the whole cock from the waist straight to the heart of the flower, and quickly thrusts, um, um, um,, Oh,, I like this position the most, the bathroom is filled with the sound of two flesh slapping, and my lewd screams are getting louder and louder.

〔Oh,, um,, um,, um, great,, um,, um, comfortable um,, um,, um, faster,, um,, um,, oh,, oh, so good Quick,, oh, pushing me hard,, oh,, comfortable,, oh,, pushing hard, oh,, coming soon,, oh]

To get an orgasm, I've been talking gibberish.


Looking up, I saw my hair in the mirror with hair all over. The coach supported my slender waist with both hands, and kept pushing against me, while the pair of breasts on the chest were swinging back and forth quickly, looking very lewd.

At this time, the coach also saw me looking at him. He leaned down and hugged my breasts with both hands. His waist still didn't stop pumping and thrusting. He lowered his head and stuck out his tongue to quickly lick my ear. After he licked my sensitive zone like this, [ Um,, um,, um,, um, it's comfortable,, oh,, oh,, comfortable,, so comfortable. 〕

I had an early orgasm, the muscles in my vagina retracted and released, it was so comfortable, he seemed to feel the stimulation in his vagina, and pulled out his cock, and I turned around and squatted down to clamp his dick with my breasts, which seemed to be bursting Dick, keep rubbing for a while, feel the head of his cock vibrate, and thick semen spurt out from the head.

After that, the two of us simply washed our bodies, got dressed and went back to the living room to fill out the questionnaire. It was almost 8 o'clock at this time, and I was still reluctant to leave for a while before leaving. Until it's too late for my urging to delay. Otherwise, it would be ugly when caught.

My husband still came home very late tonight, but I was already very tired, so I didn't wait for my husband to come back at all, and fell asleep with a sweet smile on my face.

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