My wife’s two cousins (1/2)

Post: 30/10/2023

As the saying goes, karma brings about sorrow, and my wife Mary's two cousins ​​Jesse and Mary brought me endless happiness during the summer vacation, but they also brought me endless troubles. Because they finished my wife's birth control pills during the summer vacation, I forgot to replenish them in time.

(My wife Mary bought the birth control pills), but they ended up using a cooling pill that was a form of birth control pills and put it in the pill bottle. Of course, Mary took it but it didn’t work. So during the Spring Festival this year, there were already 4 Yue's pregnant.​

Mary's grandmother is 79 years old and is not in very good health. Her parents believe that there will be very few opportunities to return to her hometown to celebrate the Spring Festival after the child is born, so they asked us to go to her hometown to celebrate the Spring Festival. Of course, I was too pregnant at this time, and with the urging from my two cousins, Jesse and Mary, who sent tens of millions of emails, I had no choice but to go to my wife’s hometown for vacation.

There are many happy people, including my wife, father-in-law and mother-in-law, grandmother, two cousins, etc., and of course me. After my wife became pregnant, according to the orders of my father-in-law and mother-in-law, I already lived a life of abstinence and only occasionally hunted pheasants when I was on a business trip. Financial resources are limited, how can I have anything?

Such a good product, it makes me miss the crazy days of summer vacation even more.

As soon as they left the airport, two slender beauties greeted them: "Brother-in-law, sister, we are here to pick you up."

But the two beauties didn't seem to see Mary. Jesse and Mary consciously helped me carry a bag and held my arm.​

Mary was not happy: "Hey! I'm a pregnant woman, why are you two little devils ignoring me?"

This is not good: "Honey, when I got the special bonus this year, I promised to buy them gifts. Now they only care about the gifts and not the people, right?"

As he said that, he quietly reached out to Jesse's butt with his left hand, squeezed it hard a few times, and winked at her: "Give it to me. Go take care of your sister quickly. She's not happy. You don't get any gifts."

Jesse was still a little unhappy: "Why doesn't Mary go?"

Of course Mary would not give in: "My brother-in-law asked you to go, aren't you still willing? Well, you have to pick out the gift first!"

Jesse could only go with great reluctance, and when he left, he took the opportunity to pinch the outside of my thigh.​

Jesse and Mary were walking in front, but Mary was very presumptuous: "Brother-in-law, there are so many people here, how dare you pinch your sister's butt just now?"

"What's wrong? Are there times when you, the bold king, are still afraid?"

"That's not true." Mary stared at the back of Mary's head, and suddenly reached out to my crotch with her little hand, pinching my already hard cock: "You're not fair, I want you to pinch other people's butts too. ," he kept twisting his body as he spoke, even though there was a long distance behind him.

winter coat, but those plump breasts still made me very excited.​

"Little beauty, don't go too far, it makes me very excited! There are so many people here, if your cousin turns around, look, look, Jesse is peeking!"

Mary twisted her body even more violently: "I'm not afraid!"

Suddenly I saw an urgent need to urinate: "Honey, I have to go for a quickie!"

"I'm going to go for a while too. Mary, please take care of your cousin." Now Jesse got there first. Mary was unwilling to do anything but had to stay.​

Just after turning the corner and out of sight of Mary and the others, Jesse suddenly turned around and hugged my neck. His little mouth came up and rubbed hard against my mouth.

Being favored by such a beautiful woman, and in order not to let people around me see my face, of course I consciously lowered my head and kissed Jesse. Suddenly Jesse stretched one hand between our bodies, to my crotch, and pressed hard on my cock through his pants caressing.​

"Jesse, you are so bold. I haven't fought with your sister for a long time. If you are so provocative, I can't help but execute you on the spot!"

"Do you dare?" Jesse said, turned around and looked around, found a very hidden corner, and pulled me over. As soon as we sat down, Jesse used her long skirt to cover our legs. She put her little hand in and unzipped my pants.

His hand reached in layer by layer and grabbed my hard cock.

"Jesse, stop it! We have to go back right away, and we can't keep your sister waiting for a long time!"

Jesse ignored this, and started to use my cock quickly with his little hands: "Brother-in-law, I want you to touch my breasts and see if they are a little bigger," he said, holding my hand and stuffing it. It was inside her clothes. Even though it was through her underwear, her soft breasts were

It feels so good to pinch the room!​

"It seems to be a little bigger. You rub it yourself often, right?"

Jesse even blushed: "Do I miss you?"

"Jesse, okay, let's go back. There will be a long time ahead?"

"No! Don't hold it back, just let it out!"

Even if Jesse didn't say anything, I couldn't help it anymore. I started to squeeze Jesse's breasts hard and stroked her waist with my other hand. Anyway, people around me thought we were a couple even if they saw it.​

There was silence for a few minutes, with only our heavy breathing heard.​

"Jesse, I'm coming, where will I cum?"

"I have a handkerchief!" Jesse quickly pulled out a new handkerchief from his pocket, put both hands into my crotch, gently held the glans with the handkerchief, and accelerated the stroking with the other hand.​

"Come on, come on," I suddenly quickly inserted Jesse's clothed hand into her bra and squeezed her left breast hard. I felt my cock tremble unconsciously for a few times, and the semen spurted out violently. .​

It feels like time has stopped for a while, and sometimes it's not so enjoyable. Jesse gently wiped my glans clean with a handkerchief, and then looked hard at my hand that was still in her bra: "Brother-in-law, you pinched me and it hurts!"

"Oh! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll make sure to apologize to you in the future, okay?" As he said that, he pinched her nipples with two fingers and gently rubbed them a few times before Jesse lowered his head in satisfaction.​

"Jesse, I'll go back to them first. Can you put the handkerchief away and wash your hands?" As she said this, he took out her hands from under her clothes. Jesse reluctantly took out the hands holding the handkerchiefs. I straightened her clothes and zipped up my pants.​

"Jesse, go ahead!" Kissing Jesse's little mouth encouragingly, Jesse happily went to the women's bathroom. I sorted out my emotions and returned to the departure hall. After a while, Jesse came back, and the flush on his face had basically subsided.​

"Jesse, why did it take you so long?" Of course, Mary still didn't find anything wrong.​

"My stomach feels a little uncomfortable!" Jesse avoided Mary's eyes: "You can go!"

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