My wife’s two cousins (2/2)

Post: 30/10/2023

When we arrived at my father-in-law's house, things were very busy. The first thing I did was to say hello to my grandma, distribute the gifts we prepared, and go to the house for dinner. It took three full days to finish everything. Fortunately, the two cousins ​​didn't show any impatience, and only occasionally looked at me with complaints. In my hometown, it was not like at my house during the summer vacation, with so many people watching, so I didn't dare to be too presumptuous.​

I was a little anxious. My wife was four months pregnant and her belly had already appeared. Even if she forced herself to do it with me, it was just a scratch. Two beauties kept wandering around me. They couldn’t eat, so they could only watch. It was really It’s not the same taste!​

My wife has become lazier after she became pregnant again. This is a common problem among pregnant women! There is one thing that Mary will do no matter how lazy she is, and that is to buy clothes. Of course Jesse and Mary knew this very well. It was as if the two beauties had agreed upon it and planned to let Jesse accompany Mary to go shopping for clothes this time.​

Jesse showed up at his father-in-law's house on time early in the morning: "Sister, I'm going to buy clothes. Do you want to go?"

One hit: "Go, go, go, I'm exhausted from eating and sleeping these days. Husband, do you want to go with me?"

Now Jesse and Mary were anxious and kept winking at me. Of course I was very sensible: "I don't dare to accompany you women when you buy things. Of course I won't go. But I will pay for it. How much do you want?" Of course, there is a price to pay for wearing expensive clothes on the plane, and as a result, eight hundred dollars disappeared.​

As soon as Mary and Jesse left, Mary ascended to heaven.​

"Brother-in-law, you promised to help me with my tutoring. They were watching TV and I went to your bedroom to read a book. Can you help me too? I have a lot of things I need your help with!"

The seven aunts and eight aunts present were very surprised: "Oh! Mary, has the sun come out from the north? You also know how to take the initiative to tutor your homework. It seems that only your brother-in-law, a great professor, can convince you! "After saying this, there was laughter, and Mary seemed to have been caught by someone's pigtails. She blushed, picked up the book, and went to our bedroom.

Mary's mother is Mary's only "aunt." In fact, she is Mary and Jesse's stepmother, their biological mother's sister. After Jesse and Mary's biological mother died of illness when they were 3 years old, they always liked their brother-in-law at the time and liked this. She had two children, so she married and became their stepmother. Everyone likes Aunt Meiqin very much, especially Jesse and Mary, but no one dares to call her stepmother or make other distinctions, but I am the only one who dares to call her "little aunt".​

Seeing that Mary finally had someone to take care of her, the little aunt was very happy: "Jack, you go to work in Bang Bang. I don't have much education, and your uncle is often not at home. These two wild girls have no one again." I can manage them."

"As you command, little aunt!"

As I answered jokingly, I could vaguely feel some changes in my little aunt's face: "Did she already find out what happened between Jesse and Mary and me?"

Since there were people chatting and watching TV outside, Mary immediately closed the door tightly after I entered. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain. Before I could sit down, Mary pinched the back of my hand many times very hard.​

"What's wrong? What's wrong? I didn't provoke you?"

"When you were at the airport, you had sex with Jesse right after that, right?"

"Conscience of heaven and earth, after a while, in public again, what do you think it is?"

"Then why did I find your scent on Jesse's handkerchief? Even though it had been washed, it still couldn't be hidden from my nose. In the end, Jesse confessed under my questioning. What else do you have to deny it?"

"Then what else do you have to ask me? You already know it, but it's just done by hand."

"I know you can't perform in public, but you're so unfair, huh!"

"Didn't Jesse call your sister out to buy clothes today? You dare to say that it wasn't your idea. How could you have escaped my notice with those frivolous things of yours?"

"You're awesome, that's it!" He said and sat directly on my lap: "I've been here for three days, and if you don't comfort me, it's all in vain if you let me miss you every day!"

"Hey, my little aunt, I've been like a tool for eating all day, eating here and there. Today I finally don't have to go to other people's houses to eat. Why don't you come here? I really miss me. ?”

There was another stab of pain on the back of my hand, a woman’s trick! Of course, the next step was very gentle. The slender mouth immediately pressed on it, and the little hand reached between our legs and stroked my already bulging cock through my pants.

I'm very worried. There are so many people outside. If someone suddenly opens the door and comes in, something big will happen. Do I still want to live?​

I held Mary's head with both hands, then kissed her hard on the mouth a few times, and then whispered: "Mary, what if one of them comes in? You'd better sit on the stool, okay?"

This time we were very obedient. We sat side by side, with our backs to the door, so that even if someone came in, they wouldn't be able to see what we were doing.​

After everything was done, Mary got bold. She quickly unzipped my pants and put a small hand inside the pants. I didn't expect that she, like Jesse, had such flexible little hands. After two twists in the pants, my dick was naked. The ground was caught in her little hands.​

My smooth little hands were playing with the dick rhythmically. Seeing these two beauties unable to eat in the past few days has made me very anxious, so when my little hands were playing with the dick, I felt the need to urinate again. No, we have to fight back!

I used both hands to unbuckle the waistband of Mary's pants. Of course, Mary cooperated very well. She took one of my hands and put it into her pants, rubbing her little sister through a pair of underwear.​

We caressed each other like this, and I don’t know how long it took. I just felt that time had stopped, but my ears were very alert, listening to the movement of the door at any time. The crotch of Mary's underwear is already soaked: "Brother-in-law, are you reaching into your underwear? I don't want you to touch me through my underwear!"

I obeyed as ordered, and my pussy was already overflowing. Mary kept twisting her buttocks, and the slit of her pussy kept rubbing against my fingers.​

Mary's breathing was getting faster and faster, her face was flushed, and the flow of water from her pussy was getting faster.​

"Brother-in-law, I want you!"

"Mary, no, there are many people outside!"

Mary reluctantly opened her eyes and glared at me complainingly: "Then put your finger in. I feel itchy inside. I want to cry out. I haven't felt this comfortable for a long time."

"Don't shout!" I still obeyed and slowly inserted my middle finger into her vagina. When I inserted it into the middle knuckle, Mary couldn't help but let out a muffled "Ah!" I quickly held her mouth with my other hand and suddenly thrust my fingers in and out of her pussy quickly. All she felt was that the walls of Mary's vagina were contracting violently, and the water was flooding even more. Her whole body was twisting, and her face was flushed. It turned out that her first orgasm had come just like that.​

Her climax came, and she didn't forget to increase the speed of her big hand.​

Mary motioned for me to release my hand holding her mouth, and then let out a long sigh. Suddenly her hips were too high and she pressed my hand on the stool. I immediately understood what she meant. The little dick is in use.​

Mary started to wiggle her buttocks around, I also moved my middle finger in cooperation, and Mary started to get into the state again. As her body rose and fell, the little gloves began to work my cock more forcefully, but it was not yet time for me to launch.

I don’t know why Mary came so quickly today. Maybe she paused for too long. Mary started to lift and lower her buttocks, and her pussy kept touching the middle finger. Mary's face started to turn red again, and suddenly she felt a strong flow hit my finger, and Mary unconsciously said "Ah" " With a cry, this was her real climax today, and the one just now was just a prelude.​

Mary shushed and sat on my hand, letting my fingers insert into her pussy, and her mouth pressed against my lips. I felt her whole body feel a little hot.​

"Brother-in-law, oh, I haven't felt this comfortable for a long time!"

"What about me, if there weren't so many people outside, my little brother wouldn't be able to spare you!"

When Mary saw my extremely swollen cock, she pulled out my fingers that were still in her pussy with one hand. Without any other words to me, she squatted down and took most of my cock into her little mouth. inside.​

I originally wanted to object and was afraid of people outside, but my physical needs made me forget everything and hoped that no one would come in.

Mary kept rubbing the base of the cock with her hands, and kept playing with the front half of the cock with her small mouth, which quickly aroused my accumulated desire. I unconsciously held Mary's head with both hands, lifted it up and pressed it down, and at the same time thrust my buttocks to cooperate with Mary's oral sex.​

"Mary, brother-in-law is almost here!" But at this moment, someone knocked on the door.​

We all knew that someone would come in, but the passion couldn't stop. Just when we knocked on the door, the sperm door had automatically opened, and the semen quickly ejaculated into Mary's little mouth. I used my remaining sense to control my semen and ejaculate as little as possible.​

It was now the critical moment. The moment the door was opened, Mary's mouth detached from my cock, and I quickly put it back into my pants.​

"Jack, Mary, would you like something to eat?" came the little aunt.​

We were both in a daze, Mary was still under the table, her mouth was still full of my semen, I didn't know what to do.

Maybe I was mentally prepared for this situation. After a brief pause in thinking, I quickly reacted: "Mary, I haven't found the pen yet! Let me find it! Oh, little aunt, we are almost done. I'll be out in a minute."

The little aunt closed the door quickly, not sure if she noticed anything unusual. It was strange just now. When I said "We are almost done," I was also thinking of a literary modification, which is a pun: the homework is almost done and the oral sex is almost done.​

Seeing that the door was closed, Mary crawled out from under the table. I quickly gave her a handkerchief to catch the semen, but Mary spoke directly: "It was so dangerous just now. Fortunately, brother-in-law, you are smart."

"Where did you vomit?"

"Swallow it, I like your taste, it doesn't seem too much!"

"You still want to be lunch! It's so risky!"

"But I still want it! Let's go find my sister and Jesse!"

"Why are you really looking for them?"

"Excuse me! Mom and dad are here. No one is at home right now. Do you want to go?"

"What a bad guy, aren't you satisfied yet?"

"Aren't you not satisfied? Look at it, it's still hard!" He pinched my dick with his little hand.​

Then he made an excuse to go find Mary and Jesse and went out. It was really dangerous just now, so he let out a long breath.

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