Office beauty eats my cum (1/2)

Post: 21/07/2023

Alex has just applied for a job in an advertising agency. The so-called advertising company has several websites of its own, and the job content is to sell the advertising space on the website, which is called telemarketing. Therefore, in addition to the supervisor and Alex, there are six or seven girls in the office, all around 24 years old.

Alex was led to the work station by the supervisor, and then the supervisor left. Since no specific work has been arranged yet, Alex looked around and saw that everyone was busy on the phone. Fortunately, the one on the left is a beautiful woman. At this time, the beauty is concentrating on selling to customers on the phone. She is wearing a navy blue business suit. The company stipulates that everyone must wear work clothes. The skirt of the beautiful woman next to her didn't reach her knees, and she was wearing a small suit with a white shirt inside. The collar of the shirt was opened to the second opening, revealing her wonderful cleavage faintly. It has to be said that business attire can perfectly modify a woman's perfect curves, tight buttocks, bulging breasts, neat ponytail, duck egg face, light makeup, everything, and Alex was taken aback.

"Hello, my name is Tracy." At this time, the beautiful woman next to him just hung up the phone and stretched out her white hand to Alex.

"Ah, oh, hello, my name is Alex." Alex quickly shook Tracy's hand lightly and introduced himself.

Tracy smiled slightly and continued with her work.

The next day, after Alex drove downstairs to the company, he bought a set of pancakes and a cup of porridge to the company for breakfast. After entering the office, I saw Tracy already playing with her mobile phone at her desk. Alex greeted Tracy and sat down in his seat to eat breakfast.

"Where did you buy your porridge?" Tracy asked, staring at the porridge in Alex's hand.

"It's downstairs, right where I got off the car."

"Really? Then can you bring me a cup in the future? I will pay you a week's porridge in advance."

"Haha, of course, the porridge money is fine, it's my honor to serve beautiful women."

The next day, Alex bought rice and porridge early and went to the company. Since it was still early, everyone hadn't arrived yet. Alex ate his breakfast and fancied Tracy's wonderful figure. Especially when Tracy sat down, the professional skirt wrapped tightly around her tight buttocks, as if it was trying to push the skirt apart. It would be one of life's greatest pleasures to kiss Tracy's ass. Thinking about it, Alex's lower body began to react. There is no way to be stubborn like this. After a while, people will come gradually, and I have to go to the toilet to solve it. When Alex stood up, in a flash of inspiration, Alex picked up the cup of porridge for Tracy.

Alex ran into the toilet cubicle in a hurry, took off his pants, his mind was full of Tracy's sexy figure, imagining that Tracy was in front of him, with his back to him, and then he talked about Tracy's professional skirt, and buried his face in Tracy's buttocks. Gently licking Tracy's asshole with his tongue. Soon, a tingling feeling filled Alex's cock, Alex quickly picked up the porridge bought for Ma Ying, a large stream of milky white semen spurted out and shot into Tracy's porridge.

Alex had just sat down at his workstation, and his colleagues gradually came, saying hello one by one, and Tracy came in a hurry.

"Here, your porridge", Alex handed the cup of porridge mixed with his semen to Tracy.

"Thank you", Tracy just sat down, took the cup of porridge, then tore open the packaging bag of the straw, inserted the straw into the small hole on the top of the porridge cup, picked up the porridge, and put the straw into her mouth.

Alex just stared at Tracy ecstatically and took the first mouthful of porridge. Tracy looked at Alex and asked with a straw in her mouth, "What do you see me doing?"

"Ah, it's okay, you are very beautiful today," Alex hurriedly explained.

"Hmph, poor mouth." Tracy cursed with a laugh.

Alex hurriedly pretended to sort out the files, but from the corner of his eyes, he kept watching Tracy swallowing the porridge mixed with his own semen, and his heart was extremely excited. Thinking that Tracy was sucking his own cock, he shot all the cum into Tracy's mouth. At this time, a little milky white liquid stuck to the corner of Tracy's mouth. Tracy stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked it into her mouth. The cock where Alex had just ejaculated was instantly hard again.

It's just that this situation was seen by Tracy. Looking at Alex's protruding crotch, Tracy was stunned for three seconds, her face turned red, and then she turned her head and hurriedly sorted out her files. Alex also felt very embarrassed and was speechless for a day.

Every morning, Alex would come to the company early and bring Tracy a cup of porridge. Similarly, every cup of porridge was filled with the essence of Alex.

One day after get off work, Alex was packing his things and preparing to leave the company. Tracy asked, "Are you busy tonight?"

"Ah, it's okay, what's the matter?"

"It's nothing else, just to trouble you to buy food for me every day. In order to thank you, how about treating you to dinner later?"

"Haha, you don't need to be so polite, but being able to have dinner with a beautiful woman is really something I wish for, so I'd rather be obedient than respectful."

So, the two left the company building together and found a restaurant nearby.

When the meal was almost finished, Tracy suddenly asked, "You bring me porridge every day, do you have thoughts about me?"

"Every normal man has thoughts about you, but we also have self-knowledge. For a beautiful woman like you, I don't know how many tall, rich and handsome people pursue you every day."

"The mouth is really sweet, but, is there something in your porridge? Does it taste different?"

Alex panicked all of a sudden, maybe something was discovered.

"Really? I didn't feel any difference when I ate it." Alex explained, which cannot be admitted anyway.

Tracy pretended to be serious and threatened, "Nonsense, I opened the lid of the porridge this morning and saw that there was a milky white liquid in the porridge that didn't mix with the porridge. What is that?"

Alex was panicking inside, broke, forgot to shake the porridge this morning, and the cum was on the surface.

"Really, hehe, I don't know, I think you are drinking too?"

Tracy leaned back in the chair and said, "I drank it, but it tastes pretty good."

Alex smiled awkwardly.

Tracy stared at Alex and asked, "You don't have a girlfriend yet, what did you see that day? Why did you react later?"

"No, isn't it normal to react when you see a beautiful woman? It's not my fault, it's your parents who made you so beautiful." At this moment, Alex wished he could find a crack in the ground and get in.

Tracy sneered: "I have a boyfriend, do you think I don't know what's in my porridge?"

At this moment, Alex was extremely terrified, thinking about how to explain it, and what the beautiful woman in front of him would do to him.

Alex timidly said, "Since you know what it is, why do you still drink it?"

Tracy smiled: "Didn't I say that? The taste is not bad, but it's just not fresh."

"Eh..." Alex was at a loss this time.

"Do you have any fresh ones?" Tracy asked so naturally.


"You're still playing dumb, your cum"

"Ah, oh", Alex didn't know how to answer.

Tracy took the bill, picked up her bag and went out.

Alex was very annoyed at this moment, maybe he shouldn't have ejaculated semen into the porridge, which made him panic now, maybe he was too timid just now, so he responded to Tracy and said yes, it's very fresh, do you want to try it now?

When we left the hotel gate, it was already dark.

Alex said, "How do you go, or I will see you off, it's not safe at night."

"Hehe, okay, you can take me to the subway station, and I'll be there after a stroll."

Just like that, the two walked along the side of the road to the subway station, neither of them spoke.

When passing by a dark corner, Tracy said, "Alex, come with me." Then she walked towards the dark corner.

Alex hurriedly followed, wondering if Tracy was going to punish himself, feeling entangled, annoyed, and afraid...

In the dark corner, Tracy stared at Alex without squinting. At this time, Alex was very disturbed and didn't dare to look directly into Tracy's eyes.

Suddenly, Tracy crouched down and reached out to undo Alex's belt.

"You, what are you going to do?"

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