Pool Affair

Post: 04/08/2023

I have been fond of sports since I was a child. I know a little bit about all kinds of sports but I am not proficient in many, and my hobbies are different at different stages, so it is easy to make many friends of all kinds. I am also 180+ tall and maintain a good figure A bit of an inverted triangle scale. (In fact, swimming is the best exercise to train the chest muscles and keep the body straight. Abdominal muscles cannot be trained, but it takes a little investment. Friends with good physical conditions can play basketball, almost go to the gym or play badminton.) Gossip is fine Let's get to the point! I don’t have any other hobbies in college. I go swimming in the constant temperature swimming pool on campus when I have nothing to do, and my roommates like to stay in the dormitory and play lol, so every time I am alone and carry my bag with the necessary things. It’s boring. I'm familiar with talking nonsense with the lifeguards!

The environment of the swimming pool is also good. There are men's and women's locker rooms, and each locker room has about 300 storage cabinets, and there are about 10 hot water nozzles for you to rinse your body before and after entering the water. The standard swimming lane is 25 meters, 9 lanes, the two rightmost lanes are only 1.5m, and the others are 2m. 5m.

I come from the South, and I have learned since I was a child. I can show my skills in backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, and butterfly. I am always in the deep water area. I can arrange the time for swimming alone. I usually go ashore after swimming 20 rounds. When I am bored, I float on my stomach. Go up and watch other people swim.

Because it is open to the outside world, there are almost everyone! The sturdy uncle, the exquisite little lolita, the young woman swimming with her children, and even the elderly in their 60s and 70s! Of course, most of them are students. What I want to talk about is also students, but from other schools.

Their school is very close to our school, only two bus stops away. Since their school does not have a swimming pool, those who love swimming come to our school!

I was swimming the tenth back and forth that day, and I used the butterfly stroke. Although the butterfly stroke is the most energy-intensive, the exercise effect I got was the best, and it was very pretending! Just resting on the shore for a while, a small white hand poked my shoulder, and a soft voice came: "Well, classmate, can you teach me how to swim." I was stunned at the time, and looked back.

I go! Big eyes with a hint of curiosity, a high nose underneath, a small cherry mouth, and an S-shaped figure! The skin of the whole body is as white as snow, and the bulging breasts should have a C cup. The most important thing is that pair of big white legs, which are really in perfect proportion! I stayed for a while, she seemed a little embarrassed and wanted to turn her head away. I came to my senses and quickly said, "Sure, classmate." She showed an embarrassed smile, "I used to just swim by myself." I said calmly, "Swim a few meters first and let me see." The girl nodded, and swam four or five meters in a very standard dog-climbing style before swimming back. I was speechless immediately, big sister, you can't even take a breath.

I have such a problem with myself that it is not easy to refuse others, especially when others ask me to teach something, I always pay attention to it. Who didn't come from the rookie stage? Who is born to be a good swimmer?

Since you want to teach, start from the very beginning, take her to the shallow water area, and teach her how to breathe step by step, not to mention that it's only when you reach the shallow water area that you realize that this girl is about 168, and she has learned quite well , a few times to grasp the essentials.

Then I started to teach her the most basic state in breaststroke: floating. This action is a bit troublesome, which requires her to grasp the shore and float in the water in a straight line. People with a good sense of water can easily experience that feeling. I feel that the water feels poor and floats a few times because my feet have gone down. She unfortunately belongs to the latter. After several failures, I could see that she was a little depressed and unhappy. I had an idea: "How about I support your ankle with my hand and then release it slowly, so it should be easy to float away. Get up." She blushed and hesitated: "Okay! I can only support my ankles and calves!" I realized that this was a bit of a thing. I was too involved in teaching and forgot... So for the first time Trembling touched her feet, which were very thin and had slippery skin. Yes, looking at the high buttocks and snow-white thighs in front of her, she couldn't help but react a little bit, shaking her head to expel the evil thoughts, she seemed to be very sensitive for a while, and her thighs were actually covered with an imperceptible layer of pink. In this kind of ambiguous situation, the training effect is quite fast, and she also slowly learned to float!

After all, I can't chew too much, so I let her practice by herself, and I went to complete my daily tasks by myself, just to show her how to swim after breaststroke.

When I finished swimming the twentieth back and forth, I heard a burst of applause, and she clapped her hands excitedly: "Master is great! I haven't stopped swimming for so long! When will I be able to swim so well!" I asked. The old man blushed, it was the first time being called a master by a girl, so he pretended to be serious: "It's okay! If you work hard, you can do it too. Also, I have been swimming for so long just now, and you can see the breaststroke movements? A few steps?" She didn't expect me to say: "Uh, I didn't pay attention." She stuck out her tongue in embarrassment, oh my god, it's so cute! I'm too embarrassed to say anything else, so I mustered up my courage: "Either exchange it for a ***, anyway, I have to come to swim when I'm free." She hesitated and said her name, Wang Siyu, who is next door Those from the school usually come over on weekends, because I like swimming myself, and I don’t have any friends to swim with.

So from then on, we usually made an appointment to swim together on weekends, and she gradually mastered the breaststroke posture. We sometimes chatted about things around us, what about roommates, and sometimes even some private topics. How many boyfriends and girlfriends have you had, how far has it gone! I also took her to our school cafeteria to eat a few times, and she was full of praise for the taste.

The relationship is getting better and better, and there are more and more physical contacts when swimming. Sometimes she loses her balance and grabs my arm, and her chest is tightly pressed against it, rubbing against it. Among them, red to the ears! Sometimes I have to fix her waist in order to teach her how to move. I have to say that it feels very good without any fat. Sometimes, I hold my left hand on her lower abdomen and touch her back with my right hand, which makes her very annoyed. He pinched my waist in hatred, then stuck out his tongue mischievously, and raised his nose. As for what else to do, it’s just nonsense. The 78 lifeguards around are watching, and there are so many swimmers, how could it be possible? .

The real relationship happened on a Saturday night. We swam for a long time and it was almost closing time. Only Siyu and I were left. The lifeguard who happened to be the last to close was a friend of mine. I would help out when I was free, but that night he was in a hurry to leave, so he gave me the key when he was so familiar. He closed the door outside first, and closed the door again when he wanted me to leave. A thought came to my mind, just about to swim the best lap, I said to Siyu: "Let's have a race! You swim over first, and I will swim to see who gets there first, and whoever loses promises something How about it?" Maybe the advantage of half the distance is too great, Siyu agreed without hesitation! "Hmph, invite me to Happy Valley next time, it's been a long time since I went!" Siyu seems to be sure to win!

It's a pity that things didn't go as she expected. When she was halfway through the swim, I had already followed her, and finally won without a doubt. She overestimated her physical strength after swimming for a day, and also underestimated it. My stamina.

I swam to her side with a smirk. She was angry because she lost the game. She puffed up her chest and said, "I would like to bet! I will win back next time!" I slowly approached: " Hahaha, my business is very simple, that is..." I suddenly hugged her in my arms, her big mouth covered her sweet lips, before her wide eyes could react, she hugged me hard, I even stuck out my tongue into my mouth. I was like a traveler who had been walking in the desert for many days. I couldn't wait to stick my tongue on it. The two tongues were entangled like mating poisonous pythons. Kissing like this, hugging tightly in the water. I don't know how long it took for us to be inseparable, with a trace of saliva connected together.

She pinched my waist embarrassingly, and landed on the shore like a fish, watching the water drops slowly falling with her big white legs, and the black one-piece swimsuit outlined a perfect S shape, I couldn't help feeling had a strong reaction. Watching her step by step towards the women's dressing room.

After waiting for a while, I finally came to my senses, and hurriedly followed into the women's changing room. As soon as I entered, I was hugged by a fiery body. She knew I was coming!

I kissed the familiar lips just now, a princess hugged her under the nozzle, turned on the hot water, and the bathroom was filled with steam, her body was terribly hot, she didn't struggle, she just hugged my neck, Contribute your tongue. While I was kissing and pulling down the shoulder straps of her one-piece swimsuit, she reached out and unbuttoned my swimming trunks, stroked my 16cm arms, and finally got the swimsuit back to her waist, revealing a pair of breasts. Mesmerized, free from anything, still standing proud, tiny nipples with pink areolas, one hand grabbing one, the other pulling and sucking with his mouth, and the other With one hand, the rest of the swimsuit was pulled back to her ankles, and the disguise was removed from both of us, and finally both of us were naked!

My right hand reached out to her black forest, but I didn't know that it was already muddy inside, with a trace of crystal clear love liquid, I stretched out my middle finger and thrust into the already wet vagina at a high speed, in this three-pronged approach, she Finally, I couldn't help but let out the first moan: "Ah! Master! Don't do this, don't!" Her hands could only helplessly hold me tightly, and her fingers were inserted for 89 minutes, and her moans became louder and louder! As if crying, I quickly adjusted the angle, aimed at the flower bud, and hit the hole with one shot. She didn't get used to such a strong sense of fullness for a while, and a warm current flowed from the depths, pouring on the head of my glans, and my thighs were tight. Stretched and twitching, my mouth uttered an incomprehensible language, and my hand rested weakly on my shoulder.

I paused for a moment, surprised by the tightness and moistness of this soft place, and caressingly turned her to me, raised her right foot and clamped it around my waist. Hmph, what followed was moaning again and again. The rhythm of nine shallows and one deep made me last for a long time. She seemed to have received a great stimulus, and she shouted "Master! It's so cool!" I added I touched her breasts, and my tongue moved behind her ears. After a while, she visibly trembled, and I also speeded up. When a warm current came again, I stopped, and she unconsciously stood up. The movement of the lower body caters to me, and the unnatural tightening and relaxation of the vagina.

With the pleasure of conquering, I put her on the ground with her back facing me, and went in from behind. I kept rubbing her beautiful breasts with my hands, just like kneading dough, and my penis twitched with all my strength, hitting her There was a slapping sound on her beautiful buttocks, she raised her upper body a little bit, squatted down and sat on the ground a little bit, and a female superior came, and she twitched hysterically. After a few minutes, We were almost at the limit, she turned her head: "I'm in the safe period." She kissed me hard, our lower body was connected seamlessly, two streams of fluid intertwined, so much flowed out from under her.

We hugged like that without saying a word. On that day, it was too late and it was not convenient for her to go back, so we opened a room outside. Under the dry fire, we fired a few more shots, and we shot to the back until we couldn’t shoot anything. up.

Later, I took her to Happy Valley to play, we swam together again, went to open houses together, and came to other places in the school several times, and our relationship lasted for a year. In our senior year, we all found different internship locations, and our communication became less and less, but neither of us regretted it.

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